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Concierge Medical Marijuana Consultations

During your consultation, you’ll sit down with one of our certified physicians for a comprehensive review of your medical records, current condition and lifestyle. If you qualify for medical marijuana treatment, we’ll provide you with a recommendation for an ID card and walk you through the process to obtain your card.

Create a Profile

Go to PA’s Department of Health registry at https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/login and create a patient profile.

Schedule Consultation

Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your current condition and eligibility.

Meet Us

Our in-house physician will sit down with you to talk about the medical marijuana options available to you.

Certification Number

If you are eligible, we will provide you with a certification number.

Get Your Card

Return to the patient profile online and apply for your medical marijuana ID card ($50 fee applies).

Use Your Card

Take your card to one of our trusted dispensaries in Pennsylvania to obtain medical marijuana.

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Why Cannabinoids?

Under the right administration, medicinal marijuana has been scientifically proven to benefit patients living with specific medical conditions.

With the guidance of a certified medical professional, cannabinoids can be a gentler, more effective treatment than traditional pain medications, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, enabling patients to feel better and maintain a healthier outlook and quality of life.

Coupled with other alternative treatments and lifestyle changes such as acupuncture, massage, healthy eating and meditation, patients can see significant benefits.

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